Published Date: January 2016

Bangles go well for Corporate parties

Looking to buy Indian bangles online and having them delivered to you? Jewellery Bazaar and More offers a wide variety of selection. London is without doubt a multicultural city with a plethora of different fashion trends. This cultural mix has given birth to various unique fashion trends and styles. On the streets of London you may notice women wearing jewellery from around the world. It wouldn’t be surprising to see European women wearing Indian bangles and other Indian jewellery.

New Fashion Trend:

British women who are self-confessed fashionistas may consider this a new trend. From corporate parties to casual gatherings, wearing Indian Bangles studded with colourful crystalsis in itself a fashion statement.What’s really great about these bangles is that they come with either single or multicolour crystals. You can even pull off a simple and smart look with clear crystal bangles.

Indian Culture & Bangles:

So when did Indian women start wearing bangles? The date goes back to around 322-185 BC. Until today it is still a tradition for newly wedded Indian brides to wear glass bangles and the honeymoon is said to end when the last glass bangle breaks.

Bangles for Blue dress, blue evening gown or White dresses:

Jewellery Bazaar and More has brought a unique set of 4 blue bangles to match with blue dresses or blue evening gowns. You can style yourself by wearing these beautiful bangles and standout from the crowd.The Product Code is SB174.

What if blue is not your colour? No problem;perhaps try the white pearl bangles with a white dress or white gown. This single pearl bangle outshines any other item of jewellery. You can buy all of thisat Jewellery Bazaar and More. The Product Code is SB164.

Every coloured bangle has a symbolicmeaning in Indian culture.

Red: Energy

Blue: Tranquillity/Wisdom

White: New beginnings

Gold: Fortune

Buying Indian bangles online is now easy and reliable with Jewellery Bazaar and More.