An evening at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London

Published Date: February 2016

An evening at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London

This is not the first time I have attended the Bhavan, but the occasion of Founders Day on 31st January 2016 made it special. Once you enter the auditorium you are drawn to the colourful dresses, sparkling jewellery and delightful Indian music. Thanks to Dr M N Nandakumara and his organisational skills, this beautiful ceremony was allowed to take place. Dr Nanda,(as students and staff love to call him) the Executive Director of the Bhavan, is a humble man and one can sense this from his captivating speeches.

Music and Vocals:

Indian culture was proudly displayed on stage, promoting the diversity of India and the reason for its unity. Moreover, the best part of the production was that the whole musical session was performed by students of the Bhavan. There wasn't a single node or beat missed. You can't be this flawless. This demonstrates the skills of the Gurus who have years of experience and teach at the Bhavan because of their love towards Indian culture.

Bharatanatyam and Kathak:

You can't ask for more after witnessing these breath-taking dance forms. The Bharatanatyam dance was everyone's eye catcher because of the beautiful sarees, pearl jewellery and brilliant dancing. The dancers were full of energy and performed at their best to make their Guru proud. The eye-hand coordination as well as facial expressions of the dancers were definitely worth noticing.

The last part of Founders Day was Kathak. Choreographed by Guru Abhay Shankar Mishra the dancers took the longest and loudest applause of the evening. Starting on a slow theme the dance took on a brilliant flight. There were 3 groups who performed this dance form.The first group to perform were the beginners, most of them displaying Kathak on stage for the first time. I appreciate Abhayji's confidence in his students and I sincerely congratulate the students for making their Guru proud. The next two groups who were more experienced performed many innovative dance formations which were outstanding. The spins performed by the dancers of the third group were the highlight of the whole event and were worthy of the longest applause.

Jewellery Bazaar and More is proud to announce that many of the dancers wore Indian jewellery from their website.

Dedication, determination and a love for Indian art and culture is what one notices at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The Bhavan is India away from India. I congratulate the Management body, all the Gurus and students of the Bhavan for their efforts in keeping the Indian culture alive.